Sierra Health Case Study

Client: Sierra Health Foundation in Sacramento, CA
Project: Network Infrastructure Upgrade


Background:  Sierra Health Foundation needed a secure and reliable network for itself and its tenants at the Non-profit Resource Center.  Tenants of the NIC continually had issues with network connection speeds and congestion.  SHF wanted a network that would support current technologies such as video conferencing and hosted services.


  • Two buildings within their campus and each building has three stories
    • One of the buildings houses 20 non-profit tenants
  • Independent networks in each building
  • Each building had its own routers and unmanaged switches
  • No standard network equipment
    • The cabling distribution was not properly designed
  • Cabling terminated on the first floor, without extending to the second and third floors.
  • All of the tenants in the NIC were on the same subnet which posed security risks


Solutions:  Quorum provided Sierra Health Foundation with the following improvements:

  • Fiber connections between two buildings for data, voice and video
  • Consolidated ISP with a 10Mbps x 10Mbps fiber for both buildings and centrally locate the telecommunications rack.  A backup ISP with 50Mbps x 10Mbps was also put in place for redundancy
  • New cabling infrastructure adhering to the proper standards using a horizontal/vertical cable distribution. Convert the 2nd and 3rd floor riser closets of 1331 Garden Highway into IDFs to provide a termination point for horizontal cabling
  • Standardization on the network equipment
  •  An internet-use policy to be put into effect as soon as possible


Results:  The introduction of an enterprise-class network and solid network architecture provided significant improvement in the performance and stability of the network for all users.

  • Each tenant and service provider now resides on a separate VLAN providing a more secure environment
  • The new infrastructure has allowed Sierra Health Foundation to implement several new technologies including:
    • Video Conferencing
    • Hosted Exchange
    • Hosted VoIP
    • Axcient Backup Offsite backup


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