Enloe Case Study

Client: Enloe Medical Center, Chico, CA
Project: Infrastructure, Systems & Data Center

EnloeDataCenter CTA

Background:  Enloe Medical Center needed to implement new systems and infrastructure to support a new data center to ensure timely and efficient delivery of mission-critical data.

  • A detailed audit of the current environment was required.
  • Quorum Technologies provided an audit and articulated the findings to senior management at Enloe
  • A new data center had to be designed, implemented and brought on-line with the new Meditech applications
  • New methods for remote voice and data–communications networking had to be engineered and implemented
  • Replacement systems and networks within the hospital also had to be replaced
  • Sweeping replacements of the desktop computing environment needed to be completed prior to going live on the new systems


Challenge:  These new systems and migrations needed to be accomplished without affecting hospital patient care and business operations.

Solution:  The new data center was commissioned with the following improvements:

  • New WAN and LAN infrastructures were designed and implemented
  • A new server infrastructure and storage area network was implemented
  • Quorum Technologies worked with the Enloe engineering department, the Century Project manager, and the City of Chico to deploy a private Fiber Optic network from the new data center to the hospital to support all the floors and departments at the hospital
  • Applications were migrated to the new host environment, an HP infrastructure was implemented, and a base platform was created to accommodate the future growth into the planned new five story building


Results:  New privately-owned Enloe network will result in:

  • Millions of dollars in savings over the lifetime of the network
  • Will enable Enloe to migrate and deploy systems at the new tower in a cost effective manner
  • Enhance systems' outreach to the Physician groups at large
  • Implemented infrastructure is standards-based which should help future integration projects


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