User Reference Materials

  ACD Usage                                              Connect Me Service Instructions

 ACD USAGE Thumbnail          ConnectMe ServiceThumbNail       

 Digital FAX                                                Getting Started with Unified Communications

 DigitalFax Thumbnail          GettingStarted UCCThumbnail   

 How to contact Quorum Tech Support          Viewing Call Logs and Summary

 HowtoContactQuorum Thumbnail          HowtoViewCallLogs Thumbnail


Jabra Wireless Headset Setup                      Web Conferencing Help 

JabraWirelessHeadsetSetup Thumbnail          WebConferencingHelp Thumbnail

Letter of Limited Agency                             New Admin IP & Device Features

Letter of Limited Agency Thumbnail          New Admin-IP and Device Reg Features Thumbnail

Common Features on Polycom 335               Using Conferencing from WorldSmart

Using Common Features on your Polycom 335 Thumbnail